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Goldie Sayers

Team GB - Olympic Bronze Medallist



"I am passionate about high performance and encouraging people to be the best they can be. An 18-year career in International Athletics enables me to pass on my passion and knowledge to the next generation of javelin athletes and coaches." Goldie Sayers, British Record Holder and three time Olympian


Coaching, advice and mentoring from Goldie Sayers, three-time Olympian and British Record Holder - personal best of 66.17m (World no. 25 all-time).

My aim is to give the opportunity for javelin throwers of any ability to get the access they need to quality advice and mentoring, regardless of their geographical location. I was lucky growing up that I had a great javelin coach in my county. Many others are not so fortunate. I want to be able to remove the obstacle of a lack of technical input and help all aspiring athletes be the best javelin throwers they can be in whatever situation they are in. I also want to help coaches improve their knowledge also.

To make it to the elite level in javelin, you need hard work, dedication and access to expert advice. Imagine working side by side with a seasoned athlete who has been there. You will have access to advice from an experienced mentor to help overcome gaps in experience and technical knowledge.​

"After an 18 year International athletics career, I want to pass on my knowledge to the next generation of javelin athletes, coaches and parents."

JavelinChamp enables me to share my knowledge with aspiring javelin throwers and coaches in the UK and worldwide.

SUBSCRIPTION = £20 per month which gives you:

Unlimited advice on:

  • Your technique

  • Your training

  • Your mindset

  • Your tactics

  • Your lifestyle

All you have to do once you have subscribed is email your questions and videos to: goldie@javelinchamp.com

CONTACT ME HERE to become a better javelin thrower!

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